The Hong Kong Asia Dance Academy strives to provide top-quality education to dancers where it matters most.

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2024 Royal Academy of Dance Graded/Vocational Exam Course

2024 Royal Academy of Dance Graded/Vocational Exam Course

January 16, 2024
2021-2022 英國皇家舞蹈學院課程【現正招生】

2021-2022 英國皇家舞蹈學院課程【現正招生】

May 31, 2022
Ballet Technique Class

Ballet Technique Class

January 12, 2024
「 給孩子的情書 」 --- 2021年周年演出課程

「 給孩子的情書 」 --- 2021年周年演出課程

May 14, 2021

Our Programmes

Professional Ballet Training Program
(With Vaganova ballet training)

Character Dance

Royal Academy of Dance - Graded exams
(Pre-Primary to Grade 8)

Royal Academy of Dance - Vocational Exams (Intermediate Foundation to Solo Seal)

Ballet Classes(Vaganova Method)

Contemporary Dance


Our teachers are prestigious in skill, profession and excellence.

Hong Kong Asia Dance Academy promotes dance as a performing art. We provide a holistic dance education to students at different ages. We offer training programs in Ballet, Chinese Dance and Contemporary dance. Besides technical training , we also education our students to appreciate dance as stage performance by integrating theory with practice. We nurture artists with compassion, artistry and morality.
We encourage students to participate in dance competitions and performances to practise what they have learnt in class, collaborate with other artists and fellows in the profession.

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Linus Kwok

很多人認為舞蹈訓練很沉悶,死板。 的確,舞蹈的動作很多時候都重複一樣......但是我們堅信,舞蹈是情感的表達,感動觀眾的是我們的氣質與感情,不只是轉圈得多,佢踢得高就能表達出來。一樣的後腿,一樣的大跳,是作為舞者的語言和工具,動作是死的,人是活的,不同角色的演繹會有不同的態度,時而激動,時而細膩,這才是舞蹈的精髓,才是舞蹈引人入勝的地方。

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